Paul’s father was living in Pilar de la Horadada for 8 years and passed away recently. Some months later, Paul decided to sell the property due to he lives in England and cannot come to Pilar very often.

In this video, Paul tells how was his experience selling his property being abroad throughout the whole process.




My name is Paul and I‘ve had an apartment over in Pilar for about 8 years. My dad was originally living in it and passed away so we decided to sell and a friend of mine put me on to the Estate Agents and Antonio who’s been absolutely fantastic.


What was your first impression?

Front the first moment I met Antonio he’s been nothing but helpful all the way through the process of selling and he’s managed to help us with everything from start to finish. Not need any solicitor or anybody else involved to help with the sale.


Did you have an idea of the sale price?

When I first contacted I had an idea of what the apartment was worth and what I wanted to get for it and Antonio managed to get the exact figure that I wanted to put on the market for.


Was it difficult to sell the property?

With me not speaking much Spanish I found it very easy, as Antonio speaks perfect English, to help me all the way through; there has been no real problems from start to finish with selling the apartment.


How was your experience with Blansat?

Overall the experience has been very smooth, not real problems, I found them very friendly, very helpful. With me living over in England throughout the sale I found it very good, communication normally on a weekly-monthly basis I’ve received email or a phone call informing me as what was going on with the sale and people that were interested.

Once we had a buyer inplace all the information was passed over very smoothly.

I would definitely recommend to use this for any sale that you are looking for.

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